Mission & Educational Philosophy

Our Mission

Saint Margaret Catholic School exists to educate and form young people in light of the Gospel. Saint Margaret Catholic Academy recognizes the unique talents of each student. Our mission, therefore, is to help all students attain their full potential through an integrated academic curriculum, rooted in Gospel values and Catholic teachings.

Our Vision

Saint Margaret Catholic Academy encourages students to achieve their full potential spiritually. morally, confidently, and academically to ensure they are prepared to meet the challenges of the world around them.

Educational Philosophy: Why Saint Margaret Catholic Academy?

With so many solid local options, why are parents choosing Saint Margaret Catholic Academy for their children?

Saint Margaret Catholic Academy is both traditional and contemporary.

Saint Margaret embraces a traditional philosophy of Catholic Education. We do not teach to the test, we teach to the Person! Each and every child is a human person with tremendous potential. Saint Margaret’s seeks a close working cooperation between parents, teachers and students in the overall formation of the young person. While tests are important, our school is about so much more. It is about the educational process of bringing forward the great potential of every unique child so that they are well-rounded in their intellectual knowledge, their spiritual growth and their social interactions. This all takes place in a caring, community atmosphere that is centered on Jesus and His Church.

Saint Margaret seeks to achieve this essential goal in very contemporary ways. Far from being an old-fashioned institution, Saint Margaret is a vibrant and growing community! The caring and experienced faculty uses contemporary technology, follows the common core state curriculum and differentiates through various modern means. Smartboards and enoboards are in each grade and various forms of assessment are used to assist the child. In addition to the essential academic dimension and high standards, the school seeks to instill virtue and positive social growth through a tremendous variety of clubs, teams and opportunities for learning and service.

There is something for everyone at Saint Margaret Catholic Academy.

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