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“I graduated from St. Margaret’s in 2015, after attending school there for 11 years.

The staff and administration there have shaped me into the student and Catholic I am.

My teachers exposed me to various studying tactics that I still use today at Binghamton University. Teachers answered my countless questions and gave students attention necessary for everyone to comprehend new lessons. There was extra help and no student was left behind! Staff was always available to advise and council students and encouraged us to pursue our passions. They were extremely helpful and knowledgeable in the high school application process and preparing me for higher level education.

I have made friends in extracurriculars and have support at St. Margaret’s that I know I will have forever.

The school prepared me for sacraments and my values are rooted in my faith that they have taught me. It is there that I initially became involved in volunteering and experienced the value in serving others.

I am forever grateful for my education there!”

Diana Maneri, Class of 2015

“I graduated from St. Margaret’s in 2015 after attending since I was two years old. I grew up there, and as I did, I was surrounded by impactful teachers, new knowledge, the Catholic faith, and various opportunities. I was involved in clubs and activities, such as Junior Beta, which allowed me to collaborate with other students and develop skills while having fun. St. Margaret’s has a tight-knit environment that allows for personal connections with teachers, faculty, and other students. As a student, I knew I could always rely on my teachers to help me understand material and answer any questions I had. Years later, I still feel at home whenever I pass by or visit St. Margaret’s. I found lifelong friends in my classmates and meaningful supporters in my teachers. My experiences at St. Margaret’s shaped me into who I am today.”

Geraldine Ciaccio, Class of 2015

“I love Saint Margaret Catholic Academy because it helped me get to where I am today. SMCA has the best teachers. They assigned challenging projects and gave good assessments that helped me learn and understand the material they were teaching. Now I am at my first choice Catholic highschool where I also received an academic scholarship. I owe it to the dedication of the wonderful teachers at Saint Margaret Catholic Academy.”

Marguerite Mauceri, Class of 2020

“Saint Margaret Catholic Academy is always looking for new opportunities to enrich their students’ educational experience. In my nine years at the school I have participated in several special art , drama, and filmmaking programs, only a small fraction of what the school has to offer. These have all helped make me a more interesting and versatile person. As of right now, I am looking towards highschool with a full scholarship to my first choice Catholic school. I am excited to take my next steps in life, and continue with the knowledge and emotional education Saint Margaret Catholic Academy has given to me.”

Madeline Mauceri, Class of 2022

“My sons have all been in St. Margaret for many years. I have always found the school to be a second home: a place of learning and nurturing. It is a place of true Catholic values. The teachers have been excellent, caring and professional. The principal has been incredibly dedicated and hard working. I would happily recommend this great school to anyone.”

Philip Franco

“My children have been a part of the SMCA family for the last 7 years. SMCA was the perfect choice for our family. I visited other schools, but none measured up to what I found when I first toured the school in 2014. The staff has been amazing, and I’m very happy with the education my children have received. The teachers really go above and beyond for these kids!

I was also very impressed with how the school handled Covid. My kids were in the classroom 5 days a week all of last year. The school really worked hard to keep all of the students safe. I’m very happy to be a part of the St. Margaret’s family, and I will always recommend this school to others.”

Daisy Miranda

“Having 2 students in St. Margaret’s, we have nothing but great things to say about our experiences thus far. Great staff, great atmosphere, strong community with the parents. We love it!”

Cynthia Padro